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Elementary Number Theory with Applications - 2nd Edition

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Elementary Number Theory, 6th Edition. Description Elementary Number Theory, Sixth Edition , blends classical theory with modern applications and is notable for its outstanding exercise sets. A full range of exercises, from basic to challenging, helps students explore key concepts and push their understanding to new heights. Computational exercises and computer projects are also available.

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Reflecting many years of professor feedback, this edition offers new examples, exercises, and applications, while incorporating advancements and discoveries in number theory made in the past few years. Extensive and diverse exercise sets include exercises to develop basic skills, intermediate exercises to help students put several concepts together and develop new results, exercises designed to be completed with technology tools, and challenging exercises to expand understanding.

Answers are provided to all odd-numbered exercises within the text, and solutions to all odd-numbered exercises are in the Student Solutions Manual, which is hosted on the Companion Website. Applications of number theory are well integrated into the text, illustrating the usefulness of the theory. Computer exercises and projects in each section of the text cover specific concepts or algorithms from that section, guiding students on combining the mathematics with their computing skills. Cryptography and cryptographic protocols are covered in depth. This is the first number theory text to cover cryptography, and results important for cryptography are developed with the theory in the early chapters.

The flexible organization allows instructors to choose from a wealth of topics when designing a course. Historical content and biographies illustrate the human side of number theory, both ancient and modern.

Number theory

Careful proofs explain and support a number of the key results of number theory, helping students develop their understanding. The Companion Website www. The Instructor's Solution Manual available for download from the Pearson Instructor Resource Center provides complete solutions to all exercises, material on programming projects, and an extensive test bank. Applets on the Companion Website involve some common computations in number theory and help students understand concepts and explore conjectures.

Additionally, a collection of cryptographic applets is also provided. New to This Edition. Many new discoveries, both theoretical and numerical, are introduced. Coverage includes four Mersenne primes, numerous new world records, and the latest evidence supporting open conjectures.

From prehistory through Classical Greece

Recent theoretical discoveries are described, including the Tao-Green theorem about arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions of primes. This edition also includes historical information about secret British cryptographic discoveries that predate the work of Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman.

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Expanded treatment of both resolved and open conjectures about prime numbers is provided. Combinatorial number theory —partitions are covered in a new section of the book. This provides an introduction to combinatorial number theory, which was not covered in previous editions. This new section covers many aspects of this topics including Ferrers diagrams, restricted partition identities, generating functions, and the famous Ramanujan congruences.

Partition identities are proved using both generating functions and bijections. Congruent numbers and elliptic curves —a new section is devoted to the famous congruent number problem, which asks which positive integers are the area of a right triangle with rational side lengths. This section shows that the congruent number problem is equivalent to finding rational points on certain elliptic curves and introduces some basic properties of elliptic curves.

The use of geometric reasoning in the solution of diophantine problems has been added to the new edition. In particular, finding rational points on the unit circle is shown to be equivalent to finding Pythgaorean triples.


Finding rational triangles with a given integer as area is shown to be equivalent to finding rational points on an associated elliptic curve. Greatest common divisors are now defined in Chapter 1. The terminology on Bezout coefficients is now introduced in Chapter 3, where properties of greatest common divisors are developed. The proofs of the prime number theorem based on the Riemann zeta function is another important proof. The outline of the subject remains similar to the heyday of the subject in the s.

Multiplicative number theory deals with the distribution of the prime numbers, applying Dirichlet series as generating functions. Totient Function. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

Introduction to Number Theory

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