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  1. Things to Do on Manitoulin Island For a Seriously Epic Adventure » I've Been Bit :: A Travel Blog
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Located midway between Little Current and Manitowaning. It provides a a terminal building, flight-planning room and a paved runway.

  1. Winter projects keep island writers busy!
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It has more than a hundred inland lakes between its shores, and many of those lakes have Islands on them! There are more than two dozen small settlements, first nations and towns spread out across more than kilometers of boreal forest, lakes, rivers, shorelines, escarpments, meadows and alvars. The people and the communities have emerged through a history as colourful and complex as any in Canada — from the fur trade to free trade, from the ice age to the new age.

Our histories show through at every turn, from fossils to lighthouses, under these same stars, with native and non-native communities across the Island co-existing like no-where else on the continent. As a result, it is a place of stories. The Manitoulin Island lifestyle continues as it has for generations — in close mutual relationship with the environment and resources of the land. It is a peaceful and spiritual place. It is a place of important community knowledge and traditional skills, and a place where this knowledge and these skills are shared openly and generously.

From organic farming to hunting and trapping, from permaculture to aquaculture — the diversity of practice is a diverse as the 24 communities.

Things to Do on Manitoulin Island For a Seriously Epic Adventure » I've Been Bit :: A Travel Blog

Like all Northern Ontarians, the people of Manitoulin Island are active in the outdoors all year round, and find many occasions to share in healthy celebrations of local foods with neighbours and visitors. A wide range of cultural arts and entertainment activities are found across the Island, as well as sporting and recreational activities in all seasons.

For many visitors, Manitoulin Island is like going back to the good old days — small town friendly, ice cream on the boardwalk, fishing from the dock in pajamas, a canoe ride at sunset, and a story around the campfire about the guy down the road who can fix anything. For other visitors, it is an explosion of the cultural expression of rural Canada — a rich and fertile mix influenced by the Indigenous culture of the Anishnaabeg — people of the Woodlands — and the generations of industrious settler culture from which emerged our towns, our farms, our communities emerged.

And for some, it is like an awakening to what being Canadian is all about. People are drawn to Manitoulin Island from all over the world, and the Island is by no means homogenous in thought or actions.

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  • It was based on the concept of a skills share. The experiment continues to today, and we are all still learning from one another. Manitoulin Island offers many activities, programs for travellers and special events to take part in. But it also offers the opposite — a place to escape to, a place where you can intentionally set out to get lost, have your own unique experience with the beauty and nature the Island offers, and eventually, you will find your way home.

    Highlights and Things to do on Manitoulin Island, Ontario

    The Heart and Spirit of the Great Lakes of Canada, it is a place of convergence — the mountains with the lakes, the Indigenous culture with the settler culture, the northern eco-zone with the southern eco-zone, and quartzite energy veins with human destiny. There is also an onsite museum that is open to the public during the summer.

    It shows how a lighthouse keeper and his family lived.

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    There are rock crevices, grottoes, limestone ledges, and more. Other lighthouses on the island include:. There are 4 hiking trails in Misery Bay Provincial Park. The kids had so much fun looking at the exhibits and hands-on displays we almost had to bribe them to go on the hike with us.

    And, as it was later on in the day, we had the entire beach at Misery Bay to ourselves. Not all the fun things to do in Manitoulin Island are limited to the daytime. Because it is relatively far away from any major city, light pollution on the Island is at a minimum. The park hosts Astronomy nights at a part of the park where no white light is allowed after sunset. Here, telescopes are set up and resident experts point out stars and constellations.

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    And for those lucky ones, it is also possible to spot the Northern Lights when conditions are perfect! The Great Spirit Circle Trail experience is one of the best hands-on ways to learn about Aboriginal culture. The highlight for us was definitely the Voice of the Drum experience.

    For a few hours, our aboriginal guide taught C how to make his own drum from traditional materials. You can read more about our Great Spirit Circle Trail experience here. It follows both sides of the stream. Follow the trail down to the base of the falls. Looking for a large expanse of sand surrounding the crystal-clear waters of Lake Huron? If you are traveling to Manitoulin Island with kids, note that Providence Bay also has a nice playground and nature center located at the start of the boardwalk. Manitoulin Island has over lakes!

    So, when we were looking to try out canoeing on the Island, Lake Manitou sounded like a great option. We went on a guided expedition with the Great Spirit Circle Trail. The waters were a bit rough as we went out in the deeper water just before sunset, but the views were worth the waves!

    For those that prefer calmer waters, it would be best to go out earlier in the morning. Also, joining a tour is not necessary and you can either bring your own canoe or rent from one of the many outfitters on the island. The waters of Meldrum Bay are said to have the best Chinook salmon fishing in Canada. Providence Bay is also a popular fishing spot, with a fall salmon run filling the waters just off the boardwalk.

    Settled in the s the town is named after a town in Scotland. It is also famous for serving some of the best food on Manitoulin Island. The line-up can be long during the busy summer season so try to get there early before the crowd shows up. But the wait is worth it! The freshly battered whitefish will leave a lasting impression. They are full of song, dance, music, and food. If you can time your visit to Manitoulin Island during one of the annual Pow Wows we strongly suggest you go. Experiencing a Pow Wow on Manitoulin island is a perfect way to learn about, and get involved with aboriginal culture in Ontario.

    How to Get to Manitoulin Island

    You can read all about how to experience a Pow Wow in Ontario here. This popular breakfast and lunch spot has delicious baked treats. Do yourself a favor and take out a box of their amazing Apple Fritters. But did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep this updated for those wanting to visit Manitoulin Island with kids! Wandering Wagars is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.

    Looks like a great place for a weekend. I would love to hike to the Bridal Veils Falls and then go swimming there, it just looks lovely.