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Read more: Best places to visit in Cornwall, England. In my case preferably all three! I kid you not, if all three are available I will have all three. The Sunday dinner is a family tradition in which everyone gathers round to eat this stacked plate of vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and whatever else you can stack onto your plate. This is then all washed down with some thick gravy! Extra points are given if you can manage to stack your plate and not spill any gravy on yourself when you walk to your table at home.

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Okay, no is keeping the score here but imagine your distress when you sit down to eat your meal and find a huge trail of gravy down your clothes. A bacon sarnie is literally a bacon sandwich but is a quick breakfast favourite across the UK. This is made even more special when the buns have just been baked and the bacon has just been cooking preferably ever so slightly crisp. Read more: Best places to visit in Manchester.

Effectively, every breakfast food you can think of all piled on your plate — sausages, eggs, beans, toast, hash browns, tomatoes, black pudding and much more if you can get it to fit on your plate.

English cuisine - Wikipedia

Never has breakfast been so varied, so delicious and so satisfying! The biggest challenge when trying to make this though is timing everything so not one item arrives at your table too cold. Another pie of sorts that is a truly fantastic British delicacy.

Having never been a fan of soups and by inference stews too due to how hungry I am shortly after and how bland some soups are but I am quite surprised at how much I love Welsh cawl. It is such a perfect winter warmer and is comprised of swede, potatoes, carrots, leek, some stock and a meat of some sort my favourite is lamb though you can quite easily make a vegetarian version.

It is so surprisingly filling which could explain why I love it so much and very healthy too! Read more: Best things to do in Wales. Consistently a favourite across the UK and my personal favourite , Sticky Toffee pudding when done right is one of the most indulgent desserts in the UK. Read more: Best places to visit in Cardiff. Truth be told, Scotland is famous for deep-friend mars bars though that being said, I lived in Scotland for years and never saw one let alone tried one. The Londoner. London Calling.

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15 Tasty British Foods To Try In The UK

All the beer is still delivered by horse and carriage to local pubs! Although the metropolitan county of the West Midlands has only existed since , the settlements within its borders have long been important centres of commerce and industry. The first English bicycle was made in Coventry.

A theory states they date back to the British Raj and the return of the Staffordshire regiment to Britain. Wanting to make chapattis but without the necessary chickpea flour, they replaced it with oatmeal, creating the oat cake.

A traditional British cold meat pie. It consists of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly sealed in a crust pastry. A Coventry God cake is a triangular parcel of puff pastry, glazed with milk and sugar to give it a crunchy texture, and filled with currants, mixed peel, and spices.

God cakes were traditionally presented by godparents to their godchildren at new year, along with a blessing for the year ahead. The museum organises live bakery demonstrations throughout the day. In the morning, you can watch dough making and kneading, and in the afternoon see how the bread is baked in the hot coal oven.

To this day the Viking legacy in the region can be found in the DNA of its people. Recent history of the north east is linked to industrial activities such as coal and salt mining. Making pease pudding involves steeping soaked split yellow peas in stock, and then cooking them for about 40 minutes.

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The resulting mixture can then be blended with other ingredients — it is often served with ham or bacon. This is a casserole dish consisting of corned beef and root vegetables that is slow baked over a low heat. The Wylam Brewery in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is located in the beautiful Palace of Arts, and offers brewery tours every Saturday — which of course include beer tastings.

Star Carr in Yorkshire, which is just south of Scarborough, is probably one of the earliest settlements in the UK. The Yorkshire pudding originated as a low-cost meal to fill the stomach. It is similar to German Lebkuchen. Yorkshire pudding consists of eggs, flour, and milk. It is traditionally served with beef and gravy. Its bowl-like shape is useful to mop up every last morsel of a delicious Sunday roast! This dish is a gingerbread cake which is traditionally made with oatmeal and black treacle.

It is hard but becomes moist and sticky when resting. Wensleydale is a valley in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The cheese that bears its name has a crumbly, moist texture, with flavours of honey and fresh acidity. There are also tasting sessions where you can discover new flavours — a must for any cheese lover!

15 Tasty British Foods To Try In The UK

Wherever you're visiting in England, be sure to try some specialities. The nine different regions of England all have their own specialities, and travelling to each one is more than just a culinary adventure. Czech Republic. United Kingdom. Hong Kong. New Zealand. Republic of Korea. United States of America. All other countries.