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You'll be back at the van by 3 p. Option B: At a.

diafuncmenmoi.tk:Customer reviews: Frommer's Hawaii

Check-in is at 8 a. A two-year-old company, Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventures is among the only commercial sailing canoe outfits in the state. What a pity. There's no better—or quieter—way to ply the translucent waters than aboard a canoe, especially since you don't even have to paddle.

Two trampolines set up on either side of the vessel comfortably seat six, the maximum number of passengers you'll have to jockey for space with, as opposed to the 45 to 75 on the popular catamaran trips. The only downside is that the excursion lasts just two hours, and you'll certainly long for more. You'll sail to prime snorkeling spots near the islands of Kahoolawe deserted and Molokini a marine reserve , and along the way you'll learn how the Polynesians crossed entire oceans—by reading the stars, the wind, the currents—and how Maui's early canoe builders picked the perfect tree a little bird told them, literally in the forests that once covered the slopes just above the hotel ; mauisailingcanoe.

You'll have the rest of the afternoon to play as you'd like.

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Not quite ready to tackle the footers but anxious to practice your newfound boarding skills? Try the reliably mellow swells at Cove Park in nearby Kihei. However you spend your day, plan to arrive in Lahaina around it's a minute drive from Wailea. You have an hour to explore before dinner at Mala Ocean Tavern, at the north end of the main drag, Front Street. Lahaina, with its palm-fringed harbor, served as the royal capital for a short time and a rowdy whaling port for even longer. These days, it suffers for its beauty. It's typically mobbed with tourists, who spill out of the cruise ships docked in the harbor and into the T-shirt shops lodged in the graceful colonial buildings.

Skip the Front Street shopping frenzy and head immediately to the Best Western Pioneer Inn, where you'll find a free guide to the historic district.

Hawaii Travel Tips

Then wander around the town's plumeria-scented back streets in search of, among other splendid sights, the Wainee graveyard, where King Kamehameha's favorite wife is buried, and a coral-walled prison, built in to lock up soused sailors who failed to return to their ships by sunrise.

At , wander over to Mala Ocean Tavern, one of the rare restaurants that makes both Indonesian and Mediterranean dishes—and makes them very well. You'll be sitting outside on a small torchlit patio just opposite the island of Lanai Front St. You'll feel mildly depressed checking out of the Four Seasons, but soldier on. Today will be devoted to one of the all-time best road trips, traversing a highway as mythic as Route 66 or the Autobahn—only a lot curvier.

But unlike most of the travelers who brave the mile Hana Highway, you'll be spending two nights at its end point, an idyllic seaside hamlet far from the modern world. Leave Wailea by a. You can easily tour all of Pa'ia in under a half hour, though you'll want to linger in the several appealing shops and, since it's the last real town you'll pass through, fill up the gas tank, buy plenty of water, and pick up provisions for a picnic lunch at Mana Foods, a smaller, earthier version of Whole Foods and almost as well stocked 49 Baldwin Ave.

Back on the road no later than 11 a. The farther east you go, the thicker the vegetation and the tighter the curves.

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To add to the fun, you'll be crossing 46 one-lane bridges and hugging serpentine sea cliffs. Your best bet against car sickness—and white knuckles—is to stop as often as possible. Luckily, Hana Highway provides plenty of diversions. For starters, there's the Waikamoi Ridge Trail, a short hike through a bamboo and eucalyptus forest up to a coastal lookout.

A few miles farther along are two botanical gardens: the luxuriant, well-manicured Garden of Eden and the wilder Ke'anae Arboretum, home to strange tropical trees from both sides of the equator, including painted bark eucalyptus from the Philippines and African sausage trees admission is free, but you'll pay in other ways: This riverside park is filled with mosquitoes.

Hillside waterfalls are the hallmark of the route, as are the profusion of roadside fruit stands and their shameless professions to have the "world's best" banana bread. Strong contenders to the claim are in the village of Ke'anae. On an achingly lovely peninsula, Ke'anae is among the last of the islands' traditional Hawaiian villages—stop to admire the patchwork of taro fields, all farmed by hand.

The town's other notable attraction aside from Ke'anae Landing's banana bread and coconut candy is the coral-and-lava-rock church built in Just beyond mile marker 32 lies Wai'anapanapa State Park. Unpack your picnic lunch on its stunning black sand.

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Four more miles and you're in Hana. Hana's physical isolation, abundant rain, and fiercely protective residents half the population is native Hawaiian have so far managed to keep development at bay, leaving the setting to take center stage. Velvety green hills, cow pastures flanking a rocky shore, pounding surf—you'll breathe much deeper as soon as you arrive. Life here revolves around church the simple steepled structures are so pretty, it's easy to see why , Hana Ranch, and your hotel, the Hana-Maui.

Consider splurging on one of the seafront cottages, but even the garden rooms are plenty big and supremely comfortable ; hotelhanamaui. As a reward for completing the journey, you have a 4 p. Afterward, grab a book from the lobby library and settle into a poolside hammock. Dinner options are limited in Hana, which is just as well.

You've traveled enough today. You have an 8 p. Bring a bottle of wine back to your room's lanai. The stars will be blazing and you'll feel compelled to toast the good people of Hana for preserving their patch of paradise.

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Sleep in. You're surrounded by a week's worth of great adventures—the southern sweep of Haleakala National Park is practically at your feet. But you're better off choosing between the two and spending the balance of the day sitting still. Hana features prominently in local history and mythology. It served as both a playground and a battleground for Hawaiian gods and kings, and nearly every rock, cave, and spring has a story.

Ka'uiki Hill, the red-cinder cone rising from Hana Bay, has more than a few.

Frommer's Hawaii

One favorite: The sky hung low on the earth until the demigod Maui stood on Ka'uiki's summit and gave the firmament a good shove. At , make your way to the Paniolo Lounge to hear Hawaiian folk music. Note the twangy sounds of the slack key guitar, the influence of the guitar-strumming cowboys who arrived in the s, and the soulful falsetto, rooted in ancient chants.

If you're lucky, the band will play one of Queen Lili'uokalani's songs. A noted composer, she was a shameless romantic; "Aloha 'Oe," about two lovers parting, is her most poignant ballad. On Saturdays, local women perform a wonderfully unglitzy hula, and on summer Tuesdays, the entire show moves to nearby Hamoa Beach, where the hotel hosts a traditional luau.

You'll be leaving Hana early in the morning. Hit the Hana Highway by 7 a. Your flight to the Big Island isn't until this evening, giving you plenty of time to further explore the sylvan backgrounds of Upcountry. Or, get in some beach time. Ho'okipa, ten minutes north of Pa'ia, is home to the world championship of windsurfing, and home away from home for serious surfers and kiteboarders.

Currents make it too rough for swimming, but show up in the morning and you'll be treated to an awesome show of athleticism.


To the west, Baldwin Beach's big sandy stretch attracts local families. Grab lunch around 2 p. Kahului Airport is ten minutes away. You're taking the only daily nonstop flight to Hilo, on a passenger Island Air turboprop, for the minute hop across the Alenuihh Channel. You should land by p. The state's second-largest city, Hilo is the antithesis of Honolulu.

Rainy, demure, slightly tattered, and lacking a single beach resort, it's often passed over by travelers or treated as a pit stop en route to Volcanoes National Park. But for those looking for classic Hawaii, Hilo has plenty to offer. As your plane descends, you'll notice sea cliffs riven with waterfalls, the city's intense greenery, and the arc of Hilo harbor, where a footbridge leads to an island park thick with coconut and ironwood trees.

Set back from the bay is the blunt peak of Mauna Kea, snowcapped in winter. A word of warning: All five guest rooms are up a flight of stairs ; hilo-hawaii.