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If you are an elementary school teacher you can be a classroom teacher for the elementary grade-level of your choice. You are qualified to teach overseas.

Teaching Overseas: Are you Qualified? | The International Educator (TIE Online)

Simply go to the home page of this site and hit subscribe! Everything on the internet seems to be saying I need it. I have been teaching as an elementary school teacher in the States for 10 years, but have never taught abroad. Please help! I have been teaching for almost 2 years now at an international school.

What are my chances at international schools around the world? Do you have any tips on how international teaching resumes should look as NZ teaching CVs look very different to the rest of the world :P Thank you in advance for your help!! Ed obtained from the University of South Africa.

She has 7years teaching experience 2 of which have been after achieving her degree. Is this true and are there other countries that do not accept this degree? I'd love to teach in a primary school in the Philippines, but am struggling to find out the requirements and chances of a job.

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I would like to be in a regular 'elementary classroom' role and not just a person who teaches English. Can you offer any assistance or tips on where to look? I taught English for one year in South Korea, one year in Thailand, and have a total of around 7 months of long-term substitute teaching in the states. Am I qualified to teach at an international school? I am 65 years old, will I qualify? Thanks alot dear for clear and such a valuable information that you have shared for teachers like us who r willing to work overseas but don't have correct trail to walk on reach our goal.

Thank you once again. I'm a mathematics teacher in Nigeria working with an international school presently. I like your article on teaching overseas and I am looking forward to teaching overseas too. For Marinda, it does not matter that you do not teach English, but you must be able to teach your subject in English. Best of luck to all of you! I have both a bachelors and masters degree in the subject. I have a four year teaching diploma and a advance certificate in management.

Unfortunately English was not one of my major subjects. Currently I am an HOD.

Will I be able to apply for a teachng post abroad? You're best bet is to pursue positions teaching English as a Second Language abroad at language schools or local national schools that might not have the degree requirement. The other piece of advice is to pursue getting your degree so that you can take your teaching career to the next level.

All the best! I'm interested in teaching English at better schools but have no degree because I could n't afford one before. Now, I don't have time to get one.

So, how much of a chance do you think I might have4 in this area? There has to be a way around this. Any suggestions, advice or guidance will highly be appreciated.

Bestselling Series

Thanks once again! You have extensive teaching experience and international schools are taught in English, so regardless of your subject, you will teach it in English. Because most schools only have one art teacher, I would recommend that you pursue the classroom teacher positions and your spouse go after the art positions, since it would be hard for both of you to be hired as art teachers in the same school.

I have a masters in art education and have taught kindergarten through 5th grade for the past eleven years and high school for one year prior to my current position. I studied abroad in Saarbrucken in collage, but that was nearly 20 years ago and my German is rusty at best.

NYSTCE Practice Test Review

I am married to another art teacher and have two young children. How likely is it to find work teaching in an international school in Germany that speaks English? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. Under the Canadian Constitution, provincial governments have exclusive responsibility for all levels of education. There is no ministry or department of education at the federal level. For more information on the 13 education systems, please go to the Provinces and Territories of Canada section of the Canadian Information Center for International Credentials at www.

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A diploma in education with English as your main subject is a suitable degree for international teaching candidates. Information about these opportunities can be found on our website and I will email you additional information to help get you started! I was born and raised in America. I speak only a English. I am very interested in teaching abroad for a change of scenary. Please email me any information I may need to look further into this opportunity.

Thank you so much! It is our goal to make you aware of the outstanding opportunities that exist at international schools around the world and give you the tools to find the perfect position at one of these schools. Subscribe to TIE by clicking on the subscribe link on the homepage of this site and follow the prompts. You will be guided every step of the way and it will be our honor to help you launch your international teaching career!

Please help. Thank you. In my country Nigeria, most of the standard international schools only take applicants with 'knowledge of British Curriculum'. I have searched till date but I can't find any institution that provides such training and certification. I don't even know what type of exam to take online with an accredited institution to be certified with the knowledge of British curriculum.

Do i qualify to teach overseas?

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Both Pre and Post graduation experience I have taught for 16 years at the Elementary, Secondary and currently at the tertiary institution training Earlychildhood Educators. I possess a P. Would love to teach in an Elementary School in Middle East. Am I qualified and How can I apply.

Sc math , B. I just got my BEd degree, however I taught for 2 years while studying to get my degree. Although I'm not certified, I have the passion and love for preschoolers , watching them develop a love for learning.. Is there a possibility of obtaining an overseas teaching position in a private school?

Free NYSTCE Academic Literacy Skills Test Study Guide (202)

Do I qualify to teach with international schools? If so, how do I apply? I would like to know how can i proceed for international applications? I have scored overall 7. Ondo state, Nigeria, and i hope to teach abroad after at least two years home teaching, but are there no foreign certificate i must get, or foreign exams i must do to teach abroad. The key for you is to get hired in the international marketplace so that you are not hired as a local hire.

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This will enable you to be hired as a full teacher versus an assistant teacher and will also enable you to get an international contract with better benefits versus a local hire contract. One of the best and most cost efficient ways for you to do this is to subscribe to Tieonline. I recommend you go to www.

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I got a bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education in Venezuela and I also have almost 9 years of experience working at bilingual schools as an English teacher pre-K to 2nd grade. I am 34 years old. Will I be able to teach abroad? Of course it should be said that in addition to those basic requirements, there are a number of other criteria international schools are looking for when hiring a candidate.

For example, they look for excellent references and recommendations from your supervisors and others who have worked with you, an ability to communicate your teaching style and learning outcomes in the classroom, a passion for teaching and the ability to communicate and effectively teach in English to a multicultural student body from around the world. Of course there are other things school heads will be looking for as well, but this gives you a good idea on some of the key points. Good luck to you! The first thing is to make sure that you have at least 2 years teaching experience and the relevant certifications in your field.

If possible I would recommend looking into the secondary certification in your country if you have enjoyed teaching those subjects and would like to continue. The age factor is not a problem. There are many countries and schools around the world that have no age restrictions at all and would be very eager to snatch up an educator like you!