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The food business industry consists in the production, processing and distribution of food products. The emphasis of this section is on the sectors that manipulate raw foods to create and distribute consumable food products.

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Thus, the SFA serves as a powerful accelerator of the trends that that are making so many Americans overweight, sick and dying prematurely. Effect of limiting snack food variety across days on hedonics and consumption. Food Association website.

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Lopes, G. November 7, Kraak, Editors. Washington, D.

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Ellison S. The Wall Street Journal.

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Article on the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition. Snack Food Association press release dated April 26, Martin, A.

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November 15, Brooks Barnes. July 18, Snack foods are among the most heavily advertised products on television, and the U. Retailers like snack foods because they are convenient to sell and have a high profit margin. Remarkably, candy and confectionary products are the third largest food category sold in the U. Support limited liability for food manufacturers Commonsense Consumption Act Support for National Uniformity for Food Support for requiring physical education in schools Support for reform of the U.

Sugar Program The SFA has also sponsored research on the effects of sodium on blood pressure and health, and presents health information to the government panels that determine the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Box 1. References 1.